FLY JET.KITCHEN Expect delectable results.Youll love the consistently even cook that our Perfect Taste convection provides.
Steam cooking in your kitchen.The best ovens make cooking great tasting food effortless. Our steam ovens are regular ovens with the option of adding steam. Steam works in harmony with traditional heat to enhance flavours and textures. So you can continue to cook all your favourite recipes, but meat will be tenderer and bread will rise higher. With steam, its simple to create great dishes time after time.
Great taste is easy.Just add steam.Steam ovens are the easiest way to make good food taste even better. You get everything a regular oven has plus the benefits of steam. Whether roasting meat or baking bread, adding steam makes food crisp on the outside and full of flavour inside.
Meet our most advanced steam oven.Great results every time.Enjoy amazing flavours, whatever you cook. The food temperature sensor, available in our ovens, controls exactly how much steam is added to your dishes. So you can always relax and look forward to the delicious results.
Add steam for better baking.Home baking is best with a touch of steam. It gives a better rise, a crispier crust and a fluffier centre. Our Steam oven adds just the right amount of steam to your baking at the touch of a button. So in three easy steps, you can enjoy improved texture and taste every time.

Meat Processing Products
Sausage and Jerky Hand Book.
Book 98 Ways to Cook Venison.
Crepe Griddle Recipe Booklet.
Uncle Abes Jerky Seasoning Makes 32 lbs.
Deer Burger Cookbook.
BUNN Satellite Coffee Systems.Brewwise Recipe Writer.
Steam oven recipes.Cooking with steam is easy. These recipes will unlock your creativity and open a new world of taste and textures. Roasts will be more juicy, bread rise higher and pastries crispier. Steam makes good food taste even better and produce dishes that you are proud of.
Meat Processing Products

Everything you need in an oven.Our steam ovens give you everything you need for intense, flavoursome dishes. Enjoy tender meat that falls off the bone with the slow cooking function. Achieve that distinctive smokey barbecue taste with the built in grill.And guarantee even baking results whatever shelf you use with our fan.

Cuisinart Convection Microwave Oven with Grill.

PowerPac 45L Electric Oven With Rotiserrie and Convection PPT45 1 per pack.
Waring 1.2 Cu Ft Microwave Oven 208/230V/1800WWMO120.

Adcraft Black Diamond 24 Gas Range w/4 Burners and Oven NG BDGR-24/NG.

Radiance by Turbo Air 1000W Dial(Manual) Type Microwave Oven.

Radiance by Turbo Air 48 Wide, 6 Open Burners 12 Thermostat Griddle, 2 Standard Oven.

Radiance by Turbo Air 36 Wide, 36 Radiant Broiler Top, 1 Standard Oven.

Radiance by Turbo Air 60 Wide, 2 Open Burners 48 Thermostat Griddle, 2 Standard Oven.

Radiance by Turbo Air 48 Wide, 2 Open Burners 36 Thermostat Griddle, 2 Standard Oven.

Toastmaster Omni Convection Tabletop Oven.

Adcraft Professional Half Size Convection Oven.

Adcraft 18 Pizza Oven.

Adcraft Half Size Convection Oven.

Adcraft Quarter Size Convection Oven.

Radiance by Turbo Air 1000W Dial Manual Type Microwave Oven.

Sharp 1000 Watt Computerized Commercial Microwave Oven.

Adcraft Black Diamond Full Size Gas Convection Oven NGBDCOF-54/NG.

ARISTON Vented Dryer.Measures just 32 3/4H 23 1/2W 22 3/4D yet boasts up to 4.0 cubic feet of drying capacity. This dryer not only dries more laundry up to 13 lbs. load capacity but also helps to dry it more evenly with less fabric wrinkling, thanks to bi directional drum rotation. Features include an extra large door opening, 3 timed cycles, Sensor Dry, Easy Iron and a Low Heat option. Refer to the control panels Sample Load Chart when selecting a drying time, or choose the Sensor Dry cycle and the dryer will stop automatically when the laundry is dry. The Easy Clean lint filter is located in the front of the stainless steel drum instead of the back for easy cleaning.
Splendide 7100XC Washer/Dryer, Platinum.The Splendide 7100XC Washer and Dryer Combo is capable of washing larger loads than traditional machines. The all-in-one 7100XC unit washes laundry in the same fashion as the 21000XC model, but dries using the condenser drying method. Condenser drying does not require an external venting installation the clothes are effectively and efficiently dried via two loops of air tumbling inside. With its unique Auto Dry cycles, the Splendide 7100XC transitions from washing to drying automatically so you are able to set it and go. This super-quiet unit hardly makes any noise, so it wont disturb you during its wash cycle. The unique, brushless motor and sound-dampening technology allow you to wash and dry laundry even while youre asleep. With more load capacity, more washing and drying cycle options, and one of the highest in customer satisfaction, the Splendide 7100XC is perfect for a variety of applications, including RVs, houses, boats, vacation homes, and more! Available in Platinum only Features Easy-to-use controls with LEDs to display the current cycle status Larger 11.5 door opening for easy loading and unloading Unique condenser drying technology allows for improved performance when drying laundry Convenient and efficient drying cycles Very well-constructed internal components for greater mobile durability Super-quiet and advanced brushless AC motor system Add-An-Item feature lets you add laundry during the cycle Low-heat option for drying your delicate laundry Wool dry cycle for heavier items 10 washing cycles and 3 drying cycles Stainless steel interior to prevent rust and protect clothes Water level control helps prevent overuse of water Automatic load-balance system Contemporary Platinum finish Fits same cut-out as earlier 6200 model Advanced ventless drying system for ease of use.
Splendide 2100XC Washer Dryer Combo White.Wash up to 15 lbs. of laundry and dry up to 11 lbs. with the Splendide 2100XC Washer/Dryer Combo. The extra-capacity drum of the washer washes 20% bigger loads than previous models, while the redesigned vented drying system dries laundry up to 35% faster. LEDs display up-to-the-minute cycle status. The larger 11.5 dia. door opening makes loading and unloading easier. Heavier-duty internal components add extra durability for RV or marine use. The silent, brushless AC motor makes the 2100XC the quietest RV washer/dryer combo available today. The unique Add-An-Item feature lets you add laundry during the cycle. The combo fits easily into the cut-out space of previous models yet weighs 13 lbs. less Manufacturers one-year limited RV warranty extendable to 5 years. Additional Features 160 Door Swing Water Overflow/Flood Protection Self-Cleaning Pump Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers Stainless Steel Drum 2 Self-Locking Adjustable Feet 6 Power Cord Vented Drying System Automatic Prewash, Detergent, Fabric Softener, and Bleach Dispenser Detergent Recycling System Automatic Load Balance and Water Level Controls Dual Tumble Direction Low Heat, Low Spin, Extra Rinse, and Prewash Options Wash Temperature and Dry Time Selectors Selectable Cotton, Synthetics, Wool Dry Specifications Weight 153 lbs. Dimensions 33-1/8 H 23-1/2 W 22-5/8 D Power 120-volt, 11 amp Min. Installation Clearance 0 sides, 1 front and back Max. Wash Capacity.15 lbs. Max. Dry Capacity 11 lbs. Variable Spin 1200 / 800 / 600 RPM Water Consumption 7.5 to 16 gallons per load Cotton Heavy-Duty Wash Cycles Super, Heavy, Regular, Express Permanent Press Wash Cycles Heavy, Regular, Delicates, Express Gentle Wash Cycles Silk, Wool.
PowerPac Top Load Washing Machine 5 kg Washload PPW885 1 per pack.
PowerPac Top Load Washing Machine 8 kg Washload PPW888 1 per pack.
PowerPac Top Load Washing Machine 9 kg Washload PPW889 1 per pack.
PowerPac 150L Chest Freezer CFC Free PPFZ150 1 per pack.
PowerPac 170L 2 Door Mini Fridge With Freezer PPF170 1 per pack.