The Art of Happiness, a creative collaboration between Guerlain and Maison Matisse.Exceptional work Flacon aux Abeilles Edition Maison Matisse.
The bottle of Flacon aux Abeilles Edition Maison Matisse is fully adorned with iconic motifs inspired by the painting Music (1939). The 14 hand-painted, numbered and signed bottles contain the Couleur Bonheur perfume extract, which is distinguished by olfactory notes as sunny as the artists palette. It is a chypre and fruity score dressed in color. The iconic Flacon aux Abeilles bottle turns 170 in 2023 and this exceptional piece has become an ode to painting, music and perfumery.
Jasmin Bonheur is a new fragrance inspired by Matisse flowers.
Jasmin Bonheur is filled with colorful jasmine, shimmering with joyful hues. It is complemented by a radiant orange color of apricot note, a bright purple color of powdery iris, a soft pink color of a rose. All these colors merge into a single painting inspired by the brilliant palette of Henri Matisse. The limited edition fragrance was inspired by Henri Matisses painting A Thousand and One Nights, while the cap and bottle of Jasmin Bonheur by Maison Matisse resemble a precious piece of jewelry. The heart, flower and leaves of jasmine are accentuated with shades of pink fuchsia, lemon yellow, sunny orange, emerald green, Mediterranean blue and cheerful red. This olfactory picture enlivens the scent with jasmine at its center. It is released in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. The collection is completed with the Figue Azur scented candle, which evokes memories of walking in the shade of Mediterranean fig trees on a summer day. It is released in a limited edition of 500 copies.
To demonstrate its intentions, Sephora has introduced a new Good For program, which now has over a thousand products in stores with four green labels: Good For You (Good for you), Good For A Better Planet Good for the future of the planet ), Good For Vegan (Vegan cosmetics) and Good For Recycling (Suitable for recycling). Product labeling has made it much easier to find products you can now easily identify products that contain 90% natural ingredients, come in sustainable packaging, are made from sustainable ingredients, are vegan and do not contain animal ingredients, or recyclable.
Some of the skincare and makeup brands that have been selling in Sephora stores for years will use these green labels to better target customers. These include some of the Maison LVMH products sold at Sephora. For example, Parfums Christian Diors Capture Totale Cell Energy Serum is Good For You, Make Up For Evers new ROUGE ARTIST lipstick is Good For Vegan, and Acqua di Parmas Colonia Futura is Good For A Better Planet.
LOr de Vie is a real masterpiece from Parfums Christian Dior and Château dYquem.
For 30 years now, Parfums Christian Dior has drawn inspiration from the power of the vine to create its line of cosmetics. In 2007, Dior scientists developed the formula of LOr de Vie cream thanks to the exceptional terroir of the Chateau dYquem winery, owned by the LVMH group. Today, LOr de Vie is reimagined with a formula enriched with Yquem grape juice. Developed from 9 years of research, this skin care product is complemented by a limited edition La Cure Elixir (2019 Millesime).
LOr de Vie, the iconic line of Parfums Christian Dior, is easily recognizable by its golden bottles, inspired by the reflections of sunlight on the light vines of Château dYquem. Bordeaux vineyards, famous for their Grand Crus, born from a combination of exceptional climatic and geographical conditions, also owe their fame to the juice of the Yquem grape shoot, which irrigates the vineyard from the inside to breathe life into it at the end of winter. In the new formula of LOr de Vie, the juice of the Ykem grapevine transfers all the secrets of longevity to the remedy.
The branches of the vine are harvested at the beginning of spring, during its weeping period and at the time of the greatest accumulation of juice. They are dried for at least 6 months to achieve the highest concentration of molecules. Dior doubles the amount of Yquem grape juice in LOr de Vie with no less than 17 purification and extraction steps. Made with 94% natural ingredients, this new formula has a powerful melting texture that is more gentle on skin and the environment.
With this enriched version, LOr de Vie reveals amazing new effects. This skin care product has the most powerful antioxidant protection in the Dior range. It strengthens the skin and promotes a better functioning of the protective mechanisms of cells that fight oxidative stress. Ikem grape shoot juice nourishes the regenerated skin, restoring its radiance and elasticity.
Each year, La Cure, LOr de Vies millesime, is produced in a limited edition. This elixir reflects the characteristics of the spring-summer season and the exceptional weather conditions in Sauternes terroir. A late harvest of dense and fleshy grapes brings a special balance to La Cure (2019 vintage). Containing 88% ingredients of natural origin, this formula draws attention with the highest concentration of active ingredients from Ykem grapes. Its rich, especially moisturizing and slightly silky texture provides increased skin tone and radiant youth in just 3 months. The three deluxe flacons are tied with gold braid, inspired by the Ikem knot that decorates the vines, and embellished with a gold seal. They are in individually numbered luxury boxes created by the Dior atelier.
Bvlgari creates an Italian-style sensual experience with the new Bvlgari Allegra fragrance collection. With five Eau de Parfum scents and five Enhancing Essence options, Bvlgari Allegra offers a variety of combinations to create your own unique fragrance. From composition to bottles inspired by colored gemstones, this collection of fragrances brings joy and creates magic.
All roads lead to Rome, all great ingredients lead to Rome, and all fragrances lead to Rome, says Jacques Cavalier of his creations for Bvlgari. Inspired by the history and lifestyle of Italy, the leading perfumer put his passion and skill into the creation of five Bvlgari Allegra Eau de Parfum and five Magnifying Enhancing Essences. Numerous combinations are the fruit of extraordinary creative imagination.
The citrus notes of Riva Solare evoke the endless celebration of the Italian Riviera, while the roses of Fiori dAmore are like kisses in the eternal city. Delicious aromas of amaretti and orange blossom in Dolce Estasi are inspired by affection for family and childhood memories. The fruity cocktail at Rock Rome is reminiscent of a glass of Syringe to be enjoyed at sunset. And the chypre accord of Fantasia Veneta with patchouli, peach and vanilla invites you to an extravagant Venetian masquerade ball.
The glass bottles are inspired by the sculptural elegance of Roman columns and the brilliance of gemstones such as the ruby red and purple amethyst Fantasia Veneta. Each of the fragrances can be paired with essence to create a truly personal scent. Five amplifying essences of Magnifying are presented in white bottles, symbolizing the purity of the ingredients: musk, bergamot, rose, patchouli and vanilla. These naturally occurring precious ingredients echo Bvlgaris renowned jewelry craftsmanship. The Roman House pays the same close attention to the gems and plants it uses and to the planet in general. The Bvlgari Allegra collection is 100% made in Europe and comes in packaging made from recycled materials. Glass bottles help facilitate recycling.

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