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  • SA Bank News.SA, OM, KW, BH, UAE, QA [GCC, AR].What is Bitcoin Wealth?Bitcoin Wealth is an automated platform created using artificial intelligence and blockchain advanced technology. It uses these two tools to analyze and project the most likely market trends. It then automatically chooses the most profitable route to take and invests in on your behalf. Blockchain technology ensures you make profits regardless of whether you are a novice or professional investor. It does all the hard work of choosing when to buy and when to sell your cryptocurrency. What to Expect.This platform is a user-friendly online trading application that uses the power of blockchain technology to make profits for you in the currency market. This application makes profits in the digital money markets for you by leveraging its highly advanced automated formulas against the markets. It projects its computerized strategies across alternate currencies to rake in daily profits for your account. It works protected with a powerful guard to secure all transactions.How Bitcoin Wealth Works.Bitcoin Wealth uses a highly advanced algorithm that gets the blockchain logs of different companies before they are posted on the network. That makes it possible to project the future flow of currency values and make changes a fraction before the actual changes affect the currency markets. The application makes multiple checks and bets on various cryptocurrency coins to make the most profit with every day of investment. It is a simple application that anyone at whatever level can use easily without getting stuck. You can understand what it is doing as you have guidance from expert traders available for any questions you might have.Getting on Board.Getting onboard the Bitcoin Wealth platform is a breeze. You get full access to the platform free of charge for 36 days. You will have full access and earning potential of the platform until the 36 days have elapsed. You will then need to pay 1% of your earnings to the developer of the program from the profits you make. This cut is referred to by the developer as operating commission. You can withdraw your profits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on what you feel is best for you. The developer recommends weekly withdrawals and affirms that the operating commission will not be deducted until you have enjoyed at least one month of free withdrawal from your account. All you need to do to begin is give your name and email address at the developers official website. You will then get redirected to a secure video that will direct you on how to get the software working for you. The free trial runs for a limited time for a select number of people till the slots run out.Safety Structure Bitcoin Wealth uses high-level encryption to keep your information and investment safe. It is lauded as the most reliable trading software platform in the market. You are assured of your safety and the investment you have placed on the crypto market.