• PRIVATE JET FINDER IS A LUXURY PRIVATE JET HIRE SERVICE.A GLOBAL NET OF 1000 QUALIFIED FLIGHT OPERATORS.5000 AIRPORTS.24/7.A complete and wide range of latest aircraft, that can combine maximum operational efficiency to usage simplicity in the utter safety. We always put at our clients disposal a wide fleet to offer more choices: from small and maneuverable aircraft such as Light Jets to bigger and more powerful air vehicles like Medium and large Jets to fly with higher standards of comfort and cover longer distances.Eurocopter EC 120 Colibri.
    One of the greatest benefits of private charter jets is the luxury and comfort they provide. Seating on private jets offers more legroom and reclining space than the seats in first class on a commercial flight, mostly because the average private jet seats less than 10 people.
    Jet cards, private jet memberships, fractional ownership, full ownership, co-ownership, leasing, discounted empty leg flights, by-the-seat, and shared flights, or on-demand private charter?
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    Already in a jet card, private jet membership, or private charter program? Coming off a fractional share? New to private aviation?
    It used to take days and even weeks of research to collect information about jet cards.
    Then you had to compare prices & information from company marketing brochures, creating your own spreadsheets.
    Next, you had to go back to the various private jet companies asking for information not in their collateral or on their websites.
    Private Jet Card Comparisons offers subscribers a single easy-to-use spreadsheet comparing 50+ jet card, private jet membership, and fractional share providers and over 250 programs by more than 65 variables.
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    SHARED PRIVATE JETS GUIDE lets subscribers compare jet sharing and by-the-seat private flight options.
    Private Jet Card Comparisons adds a fast search feature for programs that offer one-way pricing to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and Transatlantic.
    Private Jet Card Comparisons adds Fractional Ownership Hourly Rate Calculator.

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    Paris Orly → Sarasota Bradenton.
    London City → Sion.
    Luxembourg → Bordeaux Mérignac.
    Mission Field → Las Vegas.
    Turku → London Heathrow.
    Turku → New York John F. Kennedy JFK.
    Bari → Corfu.
    Corfu → Bari.
    Milan Malpensa → St. Moritz.
    Albuquerque International Sunport → Bob Hope.
    London Heathrow → Stockholm-Arlanda.
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    Lawton Fort Sill Regional → Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County.
    Seville → Murcia International.
    What is a Private Jet Card membership?
    The Jet card is a prepaid membership program that allows you to fly private jets at a flat rate. It's one step up from the traditional on-demand private jet charter. Jet Cards allow customers to block purchase hours, typically in 25-hour increments.
    Its purchase makes sense if you fly a private jet for more than 25 hours a year. Up to this point, you have most likely used an on-demand private jet charter.
    One of the key advantages of Jet Cards over on-demand charters is price stability. Customers know how much each hour of flight will cost.
    In addition, Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership allow customers to experience all the benefits of flying in a private jet without the hassle.
    Jet Card cost Jet Cards come in many forms. For example, deposits can range from $15,000 to $15,000 million.
    Moreover, in more than 250 programs offering this service, prices can vary significantly.
    Usually watches are bought in increments of 25 hours. So the least expensive card is usually 25 hours.
    Also, depending on the type of aircraft you want to fly, prices will also vary. For example, a program for a piston or turboprop aircraft is significantly smaller than one for a large aircraft.
    Naturally, the more watches you buy in advance, the lower the hourly rate.
    Benefits of the Jet Card.
    The main advantage of buying a Jet Card is the guarantee. First of all, the guarantee for the aircraft.
    This way, even if the price is identical to the cost of an on-demand charter, you know that an aircraft will be available for the mission you require.
    The problem with on-demand charter is that you book and pay for a specific aircraft. If that aircraft suddenly becomes unavailable, for example due to a mechanical problem, it will be more difficult to find a replacement aircraft. Not to mention more expensive if a single plane has a higher hourly rate. Instead, brokers and operators can ensure that the aircraft is available when you want it. This is especially useful if you want to fly during peak hours.
    In addition, the value of the Jet Card is guaranteed. You know how much you will pay for each flight.
    Plus, Jet Card programs mean you only pay for the time you are in the air. This is very important for customers who only want to fly one way. If you're flying one way with an on-demand charter, you'll be charged for both legs, even if you're only flying one.
    And finally, there are no fees for extra flight time, pilot waiting time, or landing fees. With an on-demand charter, these prices can rise quickly.