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FLY JET what does not have competitors.

  • INTERNATIONAL VIP TRANSFER.Book transfer from AIRPORT,TRAIN STATION or CITY.More than 2000 CITIES and 3500 airports shuttles all over the world.Transfers from airports and hotels in 102 countries.24/7.14 LANGUSGES.For groups of up to 19 people or large baggage.
    Helps to choose a supplier by the parameters price, address, location, travel time, type of vehicle, VIP car, ski or special luggage, etc.
    5 300 transport companies.175 countries.297 500 cities.24/7.transfer from 3500 airports.Prices directly from the carrier companies.EN.RU.DE.IT.FR.ES.CN.
  • The more you spend with WITH LIMOUSINE SERVICE,the more Airline Miles/Points you earn.
  • AIRPORT TRANSFERS.HolidayTaxis offers airport transfers in over 21 000 resorts in cities throughout 150 countries.The service provides highly reliable vehicles at a grea,t value, with vehicle types to suit every budget and party size, from shuttles to private taxis to large coaches. HolidayTaxis is an award winning global ground transportation company offering airport.
    transfers in over 21.000 resorts in cities throughout 15 countries. The service provides highly reliable vehicles at a great value, with vehicle types to suit every budget and party size, from shuttles to private taxis to large coaches.
  • Coverage. transfer in 175 countries 20 965 cities from 4 500 airports 165 types of vehicles from economy shuttle buses to LUX cars,limousines and boats, 6 000 000 routes to hotels, villas, apartments from 4 500 Airports / Train Stations / Ports-guarantee that there is almost any transfer to any hotel.14 LANGUAGES.
  • ELECTRIC CARS.LIMOUSINES.HELICOPTERS.21.000 destinations in over 150 countries around the world.
    Tours include several types of services: excursions with a licensed guide, a sightseeing tour with a driver (without a guide), and hourly car rental with a driver.
    With car tours, travelers get:
    a useful and interesting pastime during a transfer, waiting for a hotel check-in or a plane.
    a quick introduction to a place they didnt have time for before.
    acquaintance with the culture and inner life of the city from our driver.
    visiting all the most curious in the city.
    Trips are already available in the UAE,Turkey,Egypt,Greece,Spain,Italy and France.
    Thailand.Indonesia.Vietnam.Greece.Qatar.Dominican Republic.Sri Lanka.Great Britain.Czech Republic.Hungary.
    City tours are already available for booking in 17 countries.
    Accept cryptocurrency.We accept BTC/BCH/XRP/ETH/USDC/PAX/GUSD as payment.
  • GetTransfer. Mobile app.Helicopter and plane transfers available.For each user request,drivers offer their prices,and the client chooses the best offer.

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  • BEACH BREAKS.24/ 175 countries.+20.000 cities.4.500 airports.5.000 suppliers.165 types of vehicles: from shuttle buses,to limousines & yachts.Prices directly from carrier companies.
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    Private car service to and from 600 airports worldwide.120 countries.
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  • TICKETS for trains,flights,buses,ferries,taxi, charters in Southeast Asia.3.411 Operators.5.698 service for Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia,Myanmar,Philippines,Malaysia,Singapore,Japan,Sri Lanka,New Zealand,Hong Kong,Australia,India,China,Indonesia,Laos.CHOOSE YOU LANGUAGE.

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    Individual transfer.Individual transfer - is meeting the customer at a specified time and at a specified address and delivery to indicated address on your personal vehicle for transportation.individual transfer limousine.helicopterboat.Individual transfer - perfectly suitable type of transfer, as well as possible consistent with the objective to reach the hotel quickly and easily with a high level of comfort. Individiual Transfer is available at most tourist destinations around the world.
    Only on FLY JET.what does not have competitors.
    Our visitors have a unique opportunity to quickly and comfortably reach the right place directly from the threshold of their hotel just buy a transfer. This is especially true for family trips. The company offers to booking transfers from airports, from railway stations and bus stops.
    Transfer services to amusement parks are carefully organized and painted, operate at fixed, competitive prices, which include luggage, fare on toll roads and tips. Our customers can not be afraid of disruption or increase in cost.
    Families with children: car seat, fast trip (observance of diet / sleep), the possibility of stops (go to the toilet, a snack), a large trunk for the stroller.
    Inexperienced tourists, neurotics: meeting at the airport at the agreed place, delivery to the door, ENGLISH-language or any help on the hotline, the possibility to cancel or change the booking, prepayment booking.
    Elderly, sick tourists: personal meeting, assistance with luggage, calm manner of riding;
    Group of tourists (sportsmen, business trips): a large minibus for a group, a low price for one passenger, a place for oversized luggage (skis, snowboard).
    Tourists of hot / cold countries: availability of air conditioning and stove, fast trip, professional drivers (for regions with a large number of accidents).
    You can order a private transfer to A in advance at a fixed price, it is the same from any point within the city and will not change on the way. You will be met with a nameplate in the place indicated by you and will take you to B in comfort. At the same time, the price will be even lower than that of taxi drivers on the street.
    On your choice of 11 classes of cars: from a sedan to a 19-seater bus. Traveling with children? Order a comfortable minivan with childrens chairs. Do you carry a lot of luggage? You can order a roomy minivan. Traveling as a big company? Order a minibus: the fare from a person will be comparable to a ticket for a city bus or train.
    Choice of transfer.
    You can compare prices for taxis abroad in advance.
    You can choose different classes, from micro to bus for 19 people.
    You can find out the length of the trip.
    You can read reviews about the company.
    24/7 there is a Any-language support service that will help solve any issue.
    Before the trip.
    The customer receives a voucher confirming partial or full payment. This is a complete document.
    The voucher also has information about the meeting and instructions (for example, the meeting point).
    The driver gets a route and thinks it out in advance, to detour traffic jams and the shortest way.
    At the airport / at the meeting point.
    The customer is met with a sign with his name at the exit from the arrivals area.
    Help with luggage and escort the customer to the car.
    If the order has a child seat, help with its installation.
    In car.
    Observe the traffic rules and speed mode, comfortable for the client.
    Observe the sound and climate modes required by the client (music or air conditioning are included only at the request of the tourist).
    Optionally can offer mineral water or entertainment for children (cartoons on the tablet)
    Spend a mini-tour along the route, tell about the country or useful lifhakah.
    On arrival.
    Help unload your luggage.
    Will help when checking in at the hotel, if the clients do not know the language and they need help.
    Transfer specifically to the hotel and villas, to apartments, to Business center or to any address. Transfer can be found by the name of the resort, by the hotel name, by the address or just by moving the map icon at the right place for you.
    During the booking price will be specified for the vehicle as a whole, regardless of the number of passengers. In the description of services is an indication regarding the allowable number of people. In some areas of services are offered premium transfer. For a relatively small fee you can get to the place with the highest level of comfort on the road and prestigious car.
    Children are always considered as adult passengers, since they occupy a special place in the car. The presence in the car child seat is optional and depends on the rules of the road in the country in which the transfer. If the carriage of children without restraints allowed traffic regulations of the host country, in this case, the child seat can not be granted.
    After your arrival at the airport, you will be met and escorted to transport that awaits you. The main thing - do not forget to take your booking voucher and provide it to the driver of transport to avoid unnecessary inconvenience in the provision of services. The company is not liable for failure of transfer service to you to the absence at the hands of the supporting document (voucher).
    If you are very tired after the flight or just do not want to standfor a few hours in long queues for a taxi or bus, we recommend you to use the services of an individual transfer, which will provide you comfort on the road and a welcome vacation!
    FLY JET solves the problem of how to get transfer quickly and comfortably, without spending time learning the rules and retrieval unfamiliar country!
    Helps to choose a supplier by the parameters (price, address, location, travel time, type of vehicle, VIP car, ski or special luggage, etc.)
    Transfer by minibus.
    minibus transferTransfer by minibus great for a large family or a company to quickly and easily get from the airport to the hotel in almost every country, no matter where you rest. The advantage of such a transfer will be complete privacy - you do not have to travel in the company of strangers tourists. A big plus will be the cost of such transfer. Most often, it is more economical than ordering several taxis.
    After the baggage claim you will be required to meet with a representative of the company or the driver. The detailed instructions for you is in your voucher. Please do not forget your voucher, otherwise we are not responsible for failure to transfer services. It is not necessarily to bring a paper copy, you may to have a file on your phone. You will always have access to your documents with mobile application of FLY JET.
    The return transfer is automatically calculated. You only need to enter the flight, and the system will determine the time for the vehicle to arrive, based on the calculation time to the destination point + 2.5 hours to pass registration.
    If the flight is changed - dont worry. Just give us a call and let us know about the changes.
    Transfer by shuttle-bus.
    shuttle-busWhen you are planning your vacation, you need to decide how to get from the airport to the hotel in a foreign country. The best solution would be to book a transfer, as In this case, you know the price in advance and do not have to travel to overcome the language barrier.
    The most popular and common type of ground transportation - shuttle-bus. It is the most inexpensive way to comfortably reach the place of stay. We offer a shuttle bus transfer in many cities around the world. On board the bus will also be other passengers, whose place of residence is not far from your destination. Depending on the number of passengers size of the bus can vary from vans to large airliners. For each passenger, including children, need to reserve a seat.
    Carrier companies, a transfer service will attempt to deliver directly to the doorstep. However, due to certain circumstances, such as the blocking of roads, pedestrian area in front of the hotel and others, it is not always possible. In such cases, we recommend ordering a Individual transfer. Please note that luggage transportation from the place of the bus stop to the hotel is not the responsibility of the company.
    Transfer by shuttle bus can not be done to private apartments and villas. If the destination is a private address, you can book a transfer service to the nearest to the place of your hotel stay. For this purpose, the time of booking will need to specify the address of the hotel.
    Transfer by shuttle bus is available on most popular tourist destinations, including ski resorts. Often the road to them is more expensive than a taxi, so the shuttle is an excellent option to get.
    Upon arrival at the airport its possible of waiting for a bus. The waiting time will not exceed one hour. Transfer time on the road are approximate and may vary depending on the number of vehicles on the roads, the weather and the number of stops along the route. Return transfer shuttle involves the collection of other passengers along the route, so the time of collection specified in your voucher is approximate. About 3-4 days, but not later than 48 hours before the date of the reverse transfer, you must contact the supplier company to confirm your return transfer by the shuttle bass. Phones of carrier company listed within your voucher or you can confirm a transfer to the airport in your personal account on In the order of a button - Confirm return transfer click it in 3-4 days.
    There is also instructions in the voucher on how to find your shuttle at the airport. Note: transfer shuttles to the villa or private addresses is not possible. To order a transfer by shuttle-bass to the apartments - enter the address of closest hotel. Or choose the type of transfer Individual - it just take you to any address.
    Transfer by boat.
    transfer by boatWhy not to get more comfort by ordering our service luxury on the water taxi for a relatively small fee. Upon arrival you will be met by representative of the transport company and holds up waiting water taxi, which will take you quickly to your destination.
    If you decide to use this service, you will be met by english speaking water taxi, and a porter to help with your luggage from the airport to the landing place, and the water taxi will take you quickly to your destination.
    The ride by water taxi is an adventure itself!
    Just fill the form Order individual transfer, specify the addresses of departure and destination places, and also your name and surname, your phone number, number of people (age of children), and in the field of wishes and additional information type boat.
    Transfer by limousine.
    limousineThe most luxurious and elegant transfer is available for booking on our website for a large number of directions. Your arrival at the hotel is guaranteed to be spectacular.
    Book transfer in advance and be sure that you will be taken to a place quickly and in style. At the airport the chauffeur in uniform will be waited you. Limousine fleet mainly represented by cars of Mercedes Benz S-class.
    For maximum luxury in some areas offers a transfer at the long limousines, which can comfortably fit up to 8 people.
    If limousine is not presented in the list of transfers of desired direction, please contact us with the individual request.
    Just fill the form Order individual transfer, specify the addresses of departure and destination places, and also your name and surname, your phone number, number of people (age of children), and in the field of wishes and additional information type limousine.
    Relevant transfer for traveler.
    To the address and by the address – traveler makes a booking of transfer on FLY JET.
    The reservation of transfer to the address or by the name of the hotel is an immediate process on FLY JET website. And that is surely normal and obvious - after all, the hotel’s name or the villa’s address is on the customer’s hands.
    On customer makes an order and pays directly to the carrier company. Only the licensed and selected carrier companies. Competitive prices.
    For the customer’s convenience, the site presents the concrete car models with the photos and routes, also the information about amenities, drivers and the languages they speak. For example, wi-fiand tablet in the car will make any trip short.
    The Advantages of FLY JET Relevant Transfer:
    Clear and easy to understand option of searching by the name of the hotel, villas address.
    Booking in advance - well-arranged trip.
    No need in roaming at the place of arrival.
    Suppliers - the reliable and professional local companies.
    Flight time calculates automatically: taking into account the traffic on a road.
    Сarselection by the size - by the number of passengers, luggage and other features.
    Car model selection - photos of cars on a route.
    Handy instructions - clear and easy to understand for both the driver and client - no language barrier.
    FLY JET refined the transfer to improve the trip!
    Find & book your transfer.137 countries 20965 cities from 4500 airports 165 types of vehicles.
    42 of the best ski resorts in Europe for a holiday this winter:
    Austria. Austria - high-class ski resorts, the mountains represent the main landscape of this country. Alpine villages - a haven of ski pilgrims from different parts of the world. Many get here via Munich International Airport. Where better to go from Munich, tell us in detail.
    We make sure everything goes according to your plan.
    Wait time if your flight is delayed.
    1 h of waiting at the airport included.
    Free cancellation.
    and changes.
    One day before the trip.
    24-hour support.
    in English on the website.
    HOW TO GET FROM POINT A TO POINT an international transfer booking company.Car rental with driver.Rent a car with driver in 150 cities around the world.Business class For comfortable business trips.
    Spacious For groups of up to 19 people or large baggage.
    stats.Learn more.102 countries.2000 CITIES.746 airports.710068 completed transfers.17.2 million miles passed.Pay online or in cash on site.
    Find the route you want.
    1) Choose airport, city or train station in the search box. We perform transfers around the world, if you dont find your location, make a request and we will calculate the price for you.
    2) Book transfer online.Specify the date and time of the transfer, the flight number, the hotel address or name and other details of the trip. Leave your contact details and make a prepayment. As soon as you do it, the car is booked.
    3) Driver will meet you.At the appointed time and place, our driver will pick you up. He will be with your nameplate and all necessary information about the trip. He will help you with the luggage and comfortably take you to your destination.
    About transfers.While preparing for a trip, besides flight tickets and hotel reservation, tourists should take care of how to get from the airport to the hotel in an unknown country. Take a taxi upon arrival or find a bus? Its possible, but there is a high risk to overpay, not to find the necessary route or even not to find the transfer.
    Our visitors have a unique opportunity to quickly and comfortably reach the right place directly from the threshold of their hotel just buy a transfer. This is especially true for family trips. The company offers to booking transfers from airports, from railway stations and bus stops.
    Transfer services to amusement parks are carefully organized and painted, operate at fixed, competitive prices, which include luggage, fare on toll roads and tips. Our customers can not be afraid of disruption or increase in cost.
    gathered amusement parks from around the world, and also made sure that our tourists could easily and quickly reach them from the nearest transport hub on a special transfer.
    Your trip will be much easier if you book your transfer in advance.FLY JET can help you with it. Select the route and car type, specify your contact details and make a prepayment. Your driver will be waiting for you at the specified time and you will travel comfortably to your destination.
    Private transfer has several important advantages over the group transfer included in package holidays.
    You dont have to wait for other tourists at the airport for hours. You dont need to spend your time in the bus taking all other tourists to their hotels. Often it takes some hours of long ride between hotels. If you order a private transfer, you go immediately to the hotel and have a rest after the journey.
    Private transfers are obviously much more comfortable than group transfers, especially if you are traveling with children or a big group. However, it wont be much more expensive than a group transfer because the payment is shared among all the passengers.
    You find a transfer.
    to your airport or hotel.
    Make booking online.
    Driver meets you with a nameplate and takes to the place.
    Our vehicles.Our vehicles are divided in 8 classes from economy Small Family Cars to Minibus for 19 passengers. If you are traveling with children you can order a child seat, the driver will certainly install it before the trip.
    Uber Transfers.
    Wenn man auf eine Reise geht, braucht man sich neben Flugtickets und Hotel auch daruber Gedanken zu machen, wie man vom Flughafen zum Hotel in einem fremden Land kommt. Ein Taxi bestellen oder einen Bus finden? Vielleicht, aber das Risiko zu viel zu bezahlen, die richtige Route nicht zu finden oder gar ohne Transfer zu bleiben, ist hoch.
    Alles ist viel einfacher, wenn Sie den Transfer im Voraus buchen. FLY JET lost dieses Problem perfekt. Wahlen Sie die Route, die Fahrzeugklasse aus, geben Sie die Kontaktdaten ein und leisten Sie die Vorauszahlung. Zur angegebenen Uhrzeit werden Sie vom Fahrer abgeholt und an den Zielort komfortabel befordert.
    Das individuelle Taxi verfugt auch uber eine Reihe von wichtigen Vorteilen gegenuber dem Gruppentransfer im Rahmen einer Tour.
    Sie mussen nicht stundenlang am Flughafen auf andere Touristen warten. Sie mussen nicht mit dem Bus fahren, bis er alle Touristen an ihre Hotels befordert. Oft nimmt dies einige Stunden des ermudenden Wartens in Anspruch. Bei der Bestellung des Einzeltransfers fahren Sie gleich nach Ankunft zum Hotel, wo Sie sich sofort nach dem Flug erholen konnen.
    Ein Einzeltransfer ist offenbar viel komfortabler als die Beforderung mit einem Bus. Besonders wenn Sie mit Kindern oder in einer großen Gruppe unterwegs sind. Dabei wird er nicht viel teurer sein, da die Bezahlung pro Auto unabhangig von der Anzahl der Passagiere erfolgt.
    Unsere Fahrzeuge.Wir haben 8 Fahrzeugklassen zur Verfugung von Autos der Touristenklasse bis Kleinbusse fur 19 Passagiere. Falls Sie mit Kindern reisen, konnen Sie einen Kindersitz der gewunschten Gruppe bestellen, unser Fahrer wird ihn vor der Fahrt einbauen.
  • POLSKA.Zamow transfer taksowką na lotniskach i w miastach na calym swiecie.
  • GERMANY DE.Bestellen Sie einen Taxi Transfer in Flughafen und Hotels der ganzen Welt
  • FRANCE.Reserver votre taxi transfert de laEroport ou dune ville dans le monde Top 30 Destinations for Fall 2024.
    Antalya Airport — Belek.
    Belek — Antalya Airport.
    Antalya Airport — Kemer.
    Kemer — Antalya Airport.
    Istanbul Airport New — Sultanahmet District Istanbul.
    Side — Antalya Airport.
    Istanbul Airport New — Fatih District Istanbul.
    Beyoglu District Istanbul — Istanbul Airport New.
    Sultanahmet District Istanbul — Istanbul Airport New.
    Istanbul Airport New — Beyoglu District Istanbul.
    Antalya Airport — Goynuk.
    Antalya Airport — Side.
    Fatih District Istanbul — Istanbul Airport New.
    Goynuk — Antalya Airport.
    Baku Airport Heydar Aliyev — Baku.
    Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrade — Belgrade.
    Antalya Airport — Antalya.
    Antalya Airport — Kizilagac.
    Antalya Airport — Tekirova.
    Antalya Airport — Bogazkent, Serik.
    Kizilagac — Antalya Airport.
    Antalya Airport — Alanya.
    Antalya Airport — Kiris.
    Dalaman Airport — Fethiye.
    Tekirova — Antalya Airport.
    Fethiye — Dalaman Airport.
    Antalya Airport — Kundu.
    Yerevan Airport Zvartnots — Yerevan.
    Antalya — Antalya Airport.
    Bogazkent, Serik — Antalya Airport.
    Top 10 Turkey Destinations.
    Antalya Airport — Belek.
    Belek — Antalya Airport.
    Antalya Airport — Kemer.
    Kemer — Antalya Airport.
    Istanbul Airport New — Sultanahmet District Istanbul.
    Side — Antalya Airport.
    Istanbul Airport New — Fatih District Istanbul.
    Beyoglu District Istanbul — Istanbul Airport New.
    Sultanahmet District Istanbul — Istanbul Airport New.
    Istanbul Airport New — Beyoglu District Istanbul.
    Top 10 Greece Destinations.
    Athens International Airport — Athens.
    Chania Airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis — Chania Town.
    Agii Apostoli, Anatoliki Attiki — Athens International Airport.
    Athens — Athens International Airport.
    Athens International Airport — Piraeus Port.
    Chania Airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis — Adelianos Kampos.
    Agii Apostoli, Anatoliki Attiki — Athens.
    Agios Ioannis, Corfu — Corfu Airport Ioannis Kapodistrias.
    Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi — Heraklion Airport Nikos Kazantzakis.
    Alimos — Athens.
    Top 10 Italy Destinations.
    Milan Airport Malpensa — Milan.
    Rome Airport Fiumicino — Rome.
    Milan — Milan Airport Malpensa.
    Peschiera del Garda — Sirmione.
    Amalfi — Naples International Airport.
    Bologna — Bologna Airport.
    Bologna Airport — Rimini.
    Cagliari Airport Elmas — Cagliari.
    Castellammare del Golfo — Palermo Airport.
    Catania Airport — Messina.
    Top 10 Spain Destinations.
    Madrid — Madrid Airport Barajas.
    Madrid Airport Barajas — Madrid.
    Barcelona — Barcelona Airport El Prat.
    Barcelona Airport El Prat — Barcelona.
    Barcelona Airport El Prat — Salou.
    Malaga Airport Costa del Sol — Malaga.
    Salou — Barcelona Airport El Prat.
    Malaga Airport Costa del Sol — Malaga.
    Lloret de Mar — Barcelona Airport El Prat.
    Barcelona Airport El Prat — Lloret de Mar.
    Top 10 Thailand Destinations.
    Phuket Airport — Karon Beach.
    Phuket Airport — Kata Beach.
    Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi — Pattaya.
    Phuket Airport — Patong.
    Kata Beach — Phuket Airport.
    Patong — Phuket Airport.
    Karon Beach — Phuket Airport.
    Pattaya — Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi.
    Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi — Bangkok.
    Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi — Jomtien Beach.
    Uber FLY JET. FLY JET ist ein internationales System fur Suchen & Buchen von Auto-Transfers. Seit 2010 fuhren wir Auto-Transfers in verschiedenen Landern der Welt durch. Wahrend dieser Zeit haben wir sehr viele Touristen befordert und eine große Erfahrung in diesem Bereich gesammelt.
    Transfer and Taxi in Germany.
    Germany is a modern country that is located in the heart of Europe and extends from the Baltic Sea in the north to the mountain alpine peaks in the south. It is crossed by the largest European rivers, such as the Danube, Elbe, and the Rhine, and its nature combines high-mountain areas, vast forests, lakes, and more than 2,000 km of coastline. Most tourists come here from May to September to visit Berlin, the capital city of the country, Bavarian Munich, Hamburg or Cologne. Tourists often fly to the airport of Munich to get to the ski resorts of neighboring countries, such as Kitzbuehel or Mayrhofen in Austria.
    If you arrive at one of the airports in Germany, you should think about possible ways of transportation in advance tourists, who travel alone and without luggage, can easily use buses, shuttle buses or high-speed trains. But if you have large luggage especially ski equipment, small children or you just appreciate your time and comfort its best to book a taxi. In Germany, there are more than 50,000 registered taxi drivers. Typically, taxis are painted in cream color and have a black and yellow TAXI sign on the roof of the vehicle. Taxi fares in Germany are regulated by local laws and depend on a city, time of day and even the day of the week. Be ready to pay extra for staying in traffic jams and luggage. Also, it is common to give taxi drivers a tip in the amount of 5-10% of the fare.
    You can avoid these and other additional payments by using the FLY JET service. You can see the cost of the individual transfer in Germany on our website, and if our prices suit you, you can book the transfer online. We have comfortable cars with child seats for families, and capacious minibuses with large luggage compartments for tourists-skiers. The price of the transfer includes a 1-hour waiting at the airport, a meeting with a nameplate, assistance with luggage and a ride to the doorstep. By the way, the price for a transfer in Germany, unlike a taxi, is fixed and does not change after the booking.
    Transfer and Taxi in Spain.
    Passengers pay for waiting, getting into the cab, for every kilometer passed, for extra luggage and even for the fact of going from the airport. Taxi fare in Spain also increases by about 30 % in the evening, Prices depend on the region they are 2 3 times higher in large cities and on the coast than in the provinces.
    If the tourist wants to know the price of his trip immediately, he or she should go to the FLY JET web site. It provides a transfer service in Spain, prices for which are known in advance, you can see them on the site. FLY JET service has been providing transfer service for 5 years on more than 7,600 routes in this country. Our transfer driver will meet you at the airport in Spain with a nameplate, help with your luggage and, if necessary, he will provide a child seat. He will do his best to make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible.
    It is especially advantageous to use FLY JET service when ordering an intercity transfer in Spain, the cost will not depend on the number of passengers in the vehicle, traffic jams on the way, addresses inside the city or time of day.
    Transfer in the United Arab Emirates the UAE.
    What do you think about when it comes to the United Arab Emirates? Sheikhs living in palaces, luxurious hotels, oil derricks, amazing oriental shows, and business centers in the desert. You are right, the UAE has it all as well as many other interesting things. Most tourists come here from September till May, as it is too hot here in summer. For shopping, amusements, or business purposes, people go to Dubai. Those who want to enjoy beach holidays visit Sharjah, and those who love seclusion and greenery go to Fujairah. There are also lots of tourist attractions in the largest city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi for example, one of the largest mosques in the world built in honor of the founder of the country, Sheikh Zayed, or the theme park of Ferrari World.
    Upon arrival to the Arab Emirates, get ready to organize your travel from the airport to your hotel. Of course, you can use metro which has special carriages for women and children or buses, but we dont recommend women to travel alone using public transport in the UAE. It is better to take taxis. They are state-owned, and their fares are calculated strictly according to a meter. The price for a trip within a city will be rather reasonable, but if you go outside the city limits or some other emirate, get ready that the trip cost will increase several times. A taxi in the UAE can be easily ordered at the airport or at your hotel reception.
    But if you prefer planning everything in advance and appreciate comfort most of all, it is better to use the FLY JET service. With us, your travel around the Arab Emirates will be safe. It only takes several minutes to choose a route and book a transfer in the UAE. You can make a prepayment or pay the full price in order not to think about currency exchange upon arrival. The transfer price already includes meeting at the airport, help with suitcases, and electronic notifications at all steps of the booking. Those who are planning a journey with children may order child seats for both babies and older children.
    With FLY JET, you can be sure about the safety during the ride. Besides, comfort and prices will be a pleasant surprise to you.
    Transfer in Russia.
    Russia is a big and beautiful country, situated between Europe and Asia. There are over 200 different nationalities and ethnic groups living on the territory between Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. Travelers are usually impressed by local hospitality, by cuisine, exotic for a European taste, and by Russian rich cultural life theatres, opera, and ballet.
    The capital of Russia and the heart of the country is Moscow, where people come to see Red Square, Kremlin, and VDNKh. But experienced travelers will also surely visit exquisite Saint-Petersburg with its palace architecture, Kazan with its eastern spirit, the creative city of Ekaterinburg, and Sochi that combines seaside and ski resorts.
    Passenger transportation in Russia is provided by public city services as well as by private ones. In big cities, there is metro, trams, trolleybuses, buses, and trains. In smaller places in Russia, there are only small buses sometimes. Taxi is not very expensive here in comparison with European countries. Over recent years, special mobile apps for taxi service are actively developing. You can use taxi service in the city or order a journey between the cities. There are however some disadvantages many taxis in Russia work illegally without a permit, especially in the capital or in the southern regions of resorts, where due to the intense passenger flow, its getting more and more difficult to track and fine offenders.
    If youre worried about getting into the car of an unlicensed driver or want to know the cost of the journey beforehand, the best idea is to use the Kiwitaxi transfer in Russia. Unlike taxi service, it provides an individual meeting, helps with your luggage, selection of the car class and other additional services such as child seats. You can order the transfer through our site and even arrange the whole booking and payment online so that you dont have to worry about money matters while traveling. Our transfer service operates all over Russia and also in between countries, for example to Georgia, Poland or Latvia.
    Transfer and taxi in Thailand.
    Thailand is a big country in Southeastern Asia and, despite the long flight, is an extremely popular holiday destination among Europeans, Russians, and Americans. Bangkok, which is the business center of the country, plays host to visitors from all over the world, but tourists rarely stay in the city, as most of them prefer to go to the coast and see the beaches of Pattaya, Krabi, Phuket or the islands Samui, Phi Phi, and Koh Chang.
    Apart from the glorious seaside and variety of tropical fruit, Thailand has a lot more to offer. Those who appreciate eastern architecture are going to be impressed by The Grand Palace in Bangkok, The Big Buddha statue as well as The Wat Chalong temple on Phuket, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, or Mini-Siam in Pattaya.
    If you have been to Asia before, it wont come as a surprise that public transport, for example, the bus does not work particularly well in Thailand and taxis are no exception. Local drivers see farangs foreigners as an easy way to make money. Once they recognize you as a carefree or inexperienced tourist, unlikely to stand up for their rights, they may try to cheat you either by turning off the taximeter, choosing a roundabout route, or going on toll highways when its not necessary.
    Therefore taking a taxi in Thailand, its better to discuss a price in advance and make sure that what youve agreed on is the price for the entire car, and not for each passenger. If you have ordered a taxi from the airport in Thailand, and the driver insists on a higher price, it can be a good tactic to pretend you are going to call the taxi service. All the drivers are afraid of being told off for cheating or being rude to visitors to the country.
    If you dont feel like fighting for the fair and honest treatment, you can always order a private transfer in Thailand. First of all, there is no language barrier. When using FLY JET service, you just need to fill in your trip details the date of the journey, pick up time and location, and the number of passengers. You can always ask for assistance from the English language support service 24.7. The transfer in Thailand is paid online in advance and no one will ask you for any additions or tips.
    All our drivers speak English and are polite and efficient. They respect visitors coming to their country and will do their best to help your holiday start on a positive note.
    Taxi transfers all over the world.
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